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Itโ€™s my absolute pleasure to recommend Article and Design for the reason that it really helps me a lot in my career as a mom of a toddler since I am fully hands-on in taking care of my kid. I need to stay home for the welfare of my kid. I decided to explore freelancing because being at home does not mean that I cannot help my family in our financial needs. I am now a part time Virtual Assistant with the guide and teachings of article and design family and most especially to the author of this group. Article and Design truly gives the perfect ingredients how to cook or work with your freelancing ventures. The author always trusts the process and not the theory wherein sheโ€™s teaching what sheโ€™d really experienced being in this industry for 11 years. And this community practiced the walk the talk meaning putting your words in action. Also, this group is surrounded by beautiful people who are so generous in sharing their ideas to one and another no matter what your niche is. That is why I am more motivated to work in this field because I donโ€™t need to work 8-5 and I can spend more quality time to my family already. I am so happy and proud to recommend Article and Design to all aspiring freelancers and freelancers to be part of our team to fast progress.

rhodora gales, tech va

I recommend Article and Design mainly because of the safe environment where I can express my inquiries, concerns, and thoughts about freelancing. This is lead, of course, by the owner and founder, Margaret. She is an actual freelancer. She do the teaching/sharing of thoughts and experience to us in Discord and Messenger.She is very approachable, I remember one time I reached out to her out of the blue via messenger because I got stuck what to answer to my client and with my surprise she had the time to accommodate all of my concerns. And which I was able to close a deal with my client.Also, they offer affordable prices for their jampacked content especially action plans that will really help me learn.Article and Design is not just about teaching freelancing, it's also about being in a safe community!

kilo serrano, graphic artist & photographer